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Ex’pression Pro was designed for artists and professionals that would like to train to further their skill set and earn the industry's most sought after certifications in a world-class digital media production facility.

Apple Certification Exams

The Apple Certified Pro Training and Certification programs are designed to keep you at the forefront of Apple’s digital media technology. Certification creates a benchmark for assessing your proficiency in a specific Apple Pro Application or IT. By taking and passing an Apple Certified Exam, you’ll receive Apple Certified status, which allows you to distinguish yourself to colleagues, employers, and prospective clients as a skilled user of the chosen application.

This Certification gives you a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing job market. You will receive a certificate from Apple distinguishing you as an Apple Certified Pro and will have the right to use the Apple Certified Pro logo on your business cards or website. This allows you to leverage the power of the Apple brand.

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